Tungsten Ceramic™ by Ardex

Ardex Labs SKU: 9259-002


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By far one of the most advanced formulations that Ardex has produced, Tungsten Ceramic™ is a modern marvel in durability and shine. This is product designed for the real professional detailer looking for the best clear-coat paint protection that they can find.

After Tungsten Ceramic ™ reaches a full cure, the vehicle will be coated with a durable 9H ceramic coating, and will be more than three times stronger than the factory clear-coat. This is different from other “ceramic products” that may contain elements of ceramics, but do not reach this level of durability. Tungsten actually cures on the surface of the clear-coat leaving a permanent coating that will last for years.

Tungsten Ceramic™ is not applied like most detailing products. It must be carefully applied to a pristine surface. Any underlying surface imperfections will be locked under the Tungsten Ceramic™ coating, requiring a difficult and time consuming remediation to remove the coating prior to correcting the paint. 


Key Features:

  • Extremely durable 9H coating

  • Brilliant shine
  • Professional use only
  • Modern chemistry for modern paints
  • Years of development and testing
  • Stronger than factory clear coat

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