SUPER SOL™ Silicone, Wax and Tar Remover

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SUPER SOL™ is a fast acting, colorless liquid solvent cleaner
that quickly dissolves oil base soils. Removes silicone, tar, wax,
grease and adhesives from hard surfaces. Use to “spot dry
clean” upholstery or fabrics of grease, ink, etc. Dries quickly
and leaves no residue


1. Spray directly on painted surface, more liberally on tar and grease.
2. Allow tar and grease to soften, then wipe off.
3. Wash treated areas with car soap and water.

1. Spray directly on tar and grease spots.
2. Allow to remain until stain begins to dissolve, then rub gently with an
upholstery brush.
3. Wipe treated area with a clean towel.
4. Clean treated area with an upholstery shampoo such as Well Worth’s

• REMOVE: Silicone, Tar, Wax, Grease and Adhesives
• FROM: Hard Surfaces, Painted Surfaces, and Upholstery