Showroom EsSence™ Appearance Enhancer

Ardex Labs SKU: 4304


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Showroom EsSence is available in a variety of different fragrances to suit your personality. Ardex’s in-house chemical development lab searched high and low for the finest ingredients and spent exhaustive hours to develop the perfect blends to function in a showroom environment. Showroom EsSence removes dust and greasy fingerprints from the showroom vehicles, leaving behind a silky, smooth and shiny finish while making the showroom smell great. Showroom EsSence anti-stat chemistry also inhibits dust build-up, so cars stay shiny longer. Also works great between washes as a quick-shine solution for your vehicles. Showroom EsSence is safe on hard surfaces.

Shake bottle (not from handle) before use. Simply spray Showroom EsSence onto the vehicle. The specially matched bottle and trigger combination will produce an extremely fine and consistent mist, aiding not only in creating a very shiny finish, but also dispersing the fragrance into the air. After coating a working area of approximately 3′ x 3′, rub-in Showroom EsSence with a micro fiber towel. For best results, follow up with a clean micro fiber towel and buff to a perfect shine. It is recommended to use in an area protected from wind.