Paint Correction Bundle

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Introducing our Paint Correction Bundle, designed to take your polishing game to the next level. Featuring the LHR 21 MarkIII random orbital polisher, this powerhouse tool boasts a 21mm orbit and a 150mm backing pad, making it perfect for working on large surface areas. With improved efficiency, it guarantees more power and torque on every surface, allowing you to achieve ultra-high quality finishes with limited passes.

Pair the polisher with our Top Gloss™ and CUT BOSS™ polishing compounds for superior results. Top Gloss™ produces a perfect level 6 gloss while removing up to P2000 sanding marks, without any fillers such as silicone. Its water-based formulation won't dust or haze, and as you work polish, the area starts to "sweat," creating beads of water that help to cool the surface. CUT BOSS™ is a powerful compound designed using nano abrasive technology to remove P1000 sanding marks while simultaneously creating a level 4 gloss.

To complement these compounds, our bundle includes professional-grade buffing pads. The 6.5" White Polish Pad pairs perfectly with Top Gloss Finishing Polish, while the 6.5” Gray Cut Pad is designed to be used with CUT BOSS Dynamic Compound. These pads offer affordability without sacrificing quality, ensuring efficient and effective buffing for a flawless finish every time.

Take your polishing game to new heights with our Paint Correction Bundle – the perfect choice for achieving professional-level results with ease.