High Def. #1 - Cleaner, Polish & Wax Combo

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High Def. #1 is our most advanced chemistry for cleaning and polishing with a polymer combination for all types of refinish or factory applied automotive paints. In order to achieve high definition finish, R&D put together specifically-engineered leveling agents that have excellent particle size distribution. Produces a true High Def. luster that really holds up. Capable of removing light scratches. For more aggressive polishing try High Def. # 2.

Shake well. Use a wool or foam pad. Apply to a 2’ by 2’ area with high speed buffer. Keep the buffer speed low, 1500 to 2000 RPM. Apply light pressure and keep the pad flat. High Def. #1 will quickly buff to a bright finish. Keep the wool pad clean with a quality spur or foam pads with foam pad brush. Do not buff to dry. Use a clean micro-fiber towel to clean off excess residue. For extra shine, clean with Hydro Gloss® for final wipe down.