Cordless Detailers Lamp



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The Claw LED Light Bar hooks, magnetically sticks or hangs from darn near anything you need to light up! Use the spring load "claw" grippers to hang it across an automotive interior to illuminate for detailing. Use the gripper, handy magnets or hide-away hook to place The Claw for underhood mechanical work or engine degreasing. Remove light from foam hook holder and shine on painted surface to locate scratches and swirls. If there's a job that needs to be well lit, then The Claw will light it up.



Attaches with spring loaded foam grippers, handle-end magnets or by hide-away hook

Dual brightness modes. 900 Lumens on high setting

Size: Adjusts from 48 to 77 inches

Operate cordless up to 6 hours or indefinitely on A/C-D/C adapter

High performance rechargeable battery has no recharge memory effect

Rotating light bar handles with magnetic base

Light bar rotates 360 degrees within the cradle